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Will Spousal Support Be Ordered In My Divorce?

Alimony may be awarded during divorce proceedings. Rather than being calculated by mandatory guidelines, spousal support is determined by a set of factors that can vary from case to case. A skilled attorney from Mahaffey & Associates, LLC, can help you understand if and how alimony will be determined in your case.

We welcome inquiries regarding spousal maintenance, as it relates to your divorce. Contact our Toledo alimony attorneys to arrange a consultation.

Factors That Are Used To Determine Spousal Support

A knowledgeable Sylvania spousal support lawyer from our firm can guide you through the process. The amount and duration of spousal support payments will be based on factors that include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Earning capacity of each spouse
  • Age and health of each spouse
  • Education level of each spouse
  • Disability of either spouse
  • Financial and nonfinancial contributions made to the marriage, education, businesses and other items by either spouse

Spousal support is considered taxable income to the recipient and is a tax credit to the person who is paying. Our lawyers can walk you through the tax considerations involved in either side. Support can be made modifiable or non-modifiable, and the court may retain jurisdiction to change this at a later date.

Additionally, spousal support is quite flexible in many ways and can be negotiated with the property settlement.

Nothing is set in stone in Ohio spousal support proceedings. Our lawyers can identify a method to use the flexibility to your advantage and above all else, to obtain the best possible result and protect your financial future.

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