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Supporting You To Carry Out Your Loved One’s Wishes

When a loved one passes away and leaves an estate that needs to be administered, it is time to contact the Toledo probate lawyers at Mahaffey & Associates. They are prepared to assist you throughout the process of settling the estate, which starts at the time of death.

What Is Estate Administration?

Estate administration is the process of administering the estate of a decedent. It involves handling countless details, including taking inventory of the assets and liabilities of the estate and determining which may be transferred by contract and which may be transferred by the probate court.

If you are an executor, or if you have been appointed to handle the estate of a loved one, don’t hesitate to look to one of our probate lawyers in Toledo to guide you through this challenging process.

Looking To Avoid Probate? Plan Ahead With Mahaffey & Associates.

The probate process can take a long time to resolve and may become costly. Sensitive financial information could become public, putting additional financial and emotional strain on the family. Working with an attorney at Mahaffey & Associates, to develop a comprehensive, customized estate plan can help your family avoid probate and make the process of settling the estate much more simple, fast and private.

Estate Administration In Ohio

When a person who dies has prepared a will, the executor is responsible for carrying out the following duties required to settle the estate:

  • Inventory the assets
  • Pay off debts and expenses of the estate
  • Distribute the assets

If the decedent died with a will that was not carefully written, or without a will or an estate plan in place, the estate could end up in probate litigation that can be long, costly and public.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Mahaffey & Associates, can handle probate administration or litigation issues involving:

  • Contested wills or trusts
  • Missing or concealed assets
  • Asset ownership disputes

Contact A Trusted Toledo Estate Administration And Probate Attorney Today

At Mahaffey & Associates, we know that administering the estate of a loved one and dealing with the probate process can be challenging, especially in the wake of a family tragedy. We do our best to give our clients individualized attention, using our skill and experience to help them navigate the confusing probate process. Call us today at 419-741-0111 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We serve Toledo and the entire northwest Ohio area.