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Dealing With Divorce Can Be Hard — We Can Help

Strong emotions and strained communications can get in the way of practical solutions in divorce and its related issues, including custody, support and property division. At Mahaffey & Associates, LLC, we guide clients to sensible arrangements while protecting their financial interests and the best interests of their children.

Our experienced Toledo dissolution of marriage lawyers handle all facets of ending a marriage, dividing parental responsibilities and dividing property. Our philosophy is to help the parties find common ground and resolve difficult situations as professionally and amicably as possible. But if the other side takes an adversarial stance, we are capable trial lawyers in your corner.

“I treat you like I would my own family. I value your money as much as you do. I will not spend $1,000 of your money to win $500.” — Ty Mahaffey & Associates, Sylvania, Ohio

Divorce And Division Of Marital Assets

Our divorce attorneys have handled a variety of scenarios:

  • Contested divorce: Unresolved disputes over money or children must be argued before a judge.
  • Uncontested divorce: The other spouse does not answer or oppose the petition.
  • Dissolution: The spouses come together and agree on everything, and a judge signs the settlement agreement. This is the fastest and most economical approach, and the least stressful on both children and adults.

Even in an amicable dissolution, it is important to have legal counsel to get a fair settlement. Our attorneys will ensure that assets are properly identified as joint or separate property and are accurately valued. We will evaluate retirement savings, the marital home, cars, interests in closely held businesses and other personal possessions. We are also skilled at negotiating debt trade-offs, home equity disputes and asset valuations so that you get the fairest possible outcome in property division.

Child Custody And Child Support

There is a trend toward shared parenting time (equal or nearly equal time), but you may prefer the traditional residential parent and visitation arrangement. Our attorneys strive to avoid costly and counterproductive custody litigation and keep the focus on a detailed and workable child custody schedule that keeps both parents involved in the child’s life. We also strive for fair child support payments that protect the best interests of the child. We handle modifications in addition to initial determinations.

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