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Legacy Planning: A Comprehensive Approach To Preparing For The Future

Traditional wills and estate plans tend to focus on who inherits specific assets and how to avoid probate. But those cold legalities may not offer the comfort or direction your loved ones seek. Your memory may be punctuated by questions, decisions and arguments. Would dad want us to keep this in the family? What do we do with mom’s ashes?

What Will Happen When You Move On? How Will You Be Remembered?

Legacy planning is a more comprehensive approach to preparing yourself, your estate and your heirs for the eventuality of death. If you want your wishes to be respected and your values to live on, we can help you communicate clearly and make specific arrangements.

At Mahaffey & Associates, we emphasize a thorough and thoughtful approach to estate planning that focuses on the people involved. We commonly sit down with elderly couples and their adult children to develop and execute a vision for the future.

Creating Your Legacy

We help clients anticipate issues and express their wishes in regard to aging, incapacity and dying:

  • Trusts and asset protection
  • Health care directives or “death with dignity”
  • Powers of attorney and guardian nomination
  • Funeral arrangements and memorials
  • Insurance policies
  • Heirlooms and keepsakes
  • Care and custody of pets
  • Succession of a family business
  • Bequests to favorite charities

Families often fail to address basic matters, such as cremation versus burial, or the location of important documents and account numbers. Our lawyers help clients anticipate those issues that commonly lead to family disputes, legal action and probate delays.

Your legacy is more than your assets; it is memories and family traditions. It is the values and philosophy you hope to impart to the next generation. It is the way that you want to be honored and remembered. From expressly stated wishes to creative use of trusts and other tools, we will help you shape and preserve your legacy.

You can reach our Toledo legacy planning attorneys at 419-741-0111 for a free initial phone consultation, or contact us online. We serve all of northwest Ohio from our Sylvania office.