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Advocating For The Rights Of Unmarried Parents

At Mahaffey & Associates in Toledo, our attorneys recognize the unique challenges unmarried fathers and mothers face regarding parental rights. Whether it’s establishing paternity, negotiating custody rights or arranging visitation time, our lawyers are here to provide the help and support you need. We approach every family law case with a mix of professional experience and personal understanding, knowing that these concerns affect the core of your family life.

Our team will always listen to your concerns and work diligently to find the most appropriate solutions that safeguard your interests. With Mahaffey & Associates, you will receive not just legal services but a partnership that offers personalized attention and high-quality legal representation.

Understanding Child Custody For Unmarried Parents In Ohio

Navigating child custody laws as unmarried parents can be complex, but we are here to clarify the process and stand by your side.

At Mahaffey & Associates, we can assist you with a wide range of legal concerns, including:

  • Establishing child custody and defining parenting time
  • Securing child support payments and outlining custodial rights
  • Determining sole or joint custody based on the child’s best interests

In Ohio, both the mother and father have legal rights and responsibilities toward their children, regardless of marital status. However, the specifics can vary, and understanding your rights is crucial to establishing a fair and workable parenting arrangement.

Father’s Rights And Establishing Paternity

For unmarried fathers, establishing paternity is a critical first step in securing legal rights to parenting time and custody. In Ohio, paternity can be acknowledged at the time of birth with both parents’ consent or later through legal procedures. Once paternity is established, fathers can seek visitation rights and play an active role in their child’s upbringing.

Mother’s Rights In Ohio

Unmarried mothers are often presumed to be the sole custodians until a court order or agreement establishes shared custody. Our attorneys are skilled in representing mothers’ rights, ensuring they receive the support and resources necessary to provide for their children’s well-being.

Partner With Mahaffey & Associates For Your Child Custody And Support Concerns

If you are an unmarried parent facing a legal concern, reach out to Mahaffey & Associates. Call us at 419-741-0111 or complete our online contact form for a free consultation. Our legal team is available on the weekends and evenings to accommodate your schedule, offering the legal support you need to navigate this challenging time.