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Helping You Plan For The Future – Estate Planning And Elder Law In Ohio

People are living longer, active lives well into retirement. Still, at some point, an illness or accident could occur, or age might simply catch up. Ideally, elderly individuals have anticipated death or incapacity and planned accordingly. In reality, many times the family is caught off guard.

Elder law is an umbrella term for legal matters related to aging, from asset protection strategies to a health crisis. At Mahaffey & Associates, we have responded to the increasing need for both proactive planning and urgent intervention.

Our Toledo elder law attorneys offer comprehensive guidance to elderly clients planning ahead as well as assistance to adult children who are stepping in on behalf of aging parents. We regularly counsel out-of-state clients who need help with legal documents or legal proceedings in Ohio.

Elder Law Solutions

Our legal team has the experience to address many needs and scenarios:

We are often engaged in crisis situations. Our lawyers intervene quickly to assess the situation and take steps to protect your loved one and his or her personal and financial interests.

It’s More Than Just A Will: Estate Planning Can Avoid A Future Crisis

Many people think that a will is sufficient. What they do not understand is that a will offers no guarantee that your loved ones will not have to deal with a lengthy and expensive probate process.

Our attorneys handle all aspects of the estate planning process, including:

  • A will: The foundation of an estate plan that appoints an executor, a will explains how property should be distributed and lists a guardian who would care for minor children.
  • Trusts: These legal vehicles appoint a trustee to manage assets on behalf of a beneficiary who receives property in the trust.
  • Powers of attorney: These documents give another person legal authority to make financial or medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated.

We can help you create a comprehensive estate plan that will ensure your loved ones are adequately protected.

Estate Administration And Probate

We also help executors and trustees administer estate plans, and we will represent beneficiaries who are looking for help protecting their rights in probate and will contests.

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