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Obstruction of justice: Understand what could get you charged

Obstruction of justice is a criminal charge that often sneaks up on people -- because they often don't realize that what they're doing is illegal at the time they're doing it.

They may know that their actions are improper or morally wrong, but people often confuse "freedom of speech" to mean that they're free to say anything they want -- even lie -- to the police.

The Medicaid long-term care predicament

The sad truth is that most people, living on savings and retirement income, can’t afford a place to live when they need care. They don’t have long term care insurance, and nursing home care in Ohio is costly, averaging more than $200 a day.

There is a solution available, Medicaid, the first choice of most people for funding nursing home care. But Medicaid is far from easy. You must be 65 or older, or blind or otherwise disabled, to qualify.

How do you create new holiday traditions after divorce?

The holidays are all about family traditions -- and when the family gets split apart, those traditions can take a serious blow.

Correspondingly, the sense of security your children have can take a similar blow. Children thrive on familiarity and routine -- and when holiday traditions fall apart because of divorce, they may feel angry, lost or confused.

Cell phone tracking method has privacy rights groups worried

This little-known tracking device has been used since 2008 to identify suspects’ whereabouts — and even intercept calls and texts

Anyone who has ever watched a police procedural is aware of wiretapping – recording phone conversations of suspects after obtaining a warrant to do so from a judge.

Bankruptcy rules set to change beginning in December

If you've been researching bankruptcy rules and procedures but putting off the actual commitment, you only have a short time to file under the current rules.

On Dec. 1, 2017, some amendments to the federal bankruptcy procedure take effect, and they could have a significant impact on your bankruptcy if you wait until after that date to file.

Missing court documents ruin case, prompt changes in procedure

It seems like some people get handed more than their fair share of tragedy -- often through circumstances that seem frustratingly trivial.

That's what happened to the family of an Ohio murder victim as they were forced to watch the defendant in the case walk free on a technicality due to some misplaced paperwork.

Trusts and adult children with mental issues: What to consider

If you have a child who has a serious mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, a gambling problem or some other disability that prevents him or her from consistently managing his or her own finances, how do you plan your estate -- especially if you have a lot of wealth to pass on?

Experts recommend that you take the following steps, even though they may prove difficult to do:

  1. Acknowledge that your child has a long-term problem that won't get better with time. He or she may even have long gaps of stability -- but those can be broken down by stress. Your death, in fact, could trigger the sort of stress and uncertainty that could set off a manic or depressive episode of a bipolar disorder or cause a long-controlled drinking problem to resurface.
  2. Consider the benefits of a special-purpose or special-needs trust. While similar in some ways (they both can be written in a way that will allow your child to receive government benefits for the disabled, like health care), they differ significantly in others. A special needs trust provides for extras that your child's disability benefits might not. A special purpose trust can provide your child with a more comfortable lifestyle, such as the kind he or she would have enjoyed had there been no issues involved preventing you from simply leaving him or her your assets.
  3. Recognize that by setting up a professionally managed trust that you are making things easier on other family members. For example, if your only other choice to manage a trust is your child's brother or sister, do you really want to put that burden on him or her? If your child with the illness suffers a relapse, he or she might lash out at the child with all the control over the finances.

Three financial tools for paying for long-term care

And what to do when paying isn’t possible

It is no wonder why people are worried about medical expenses later-in-life. The average cost of nursing home care in Ohio is approximately $76,000 annually and can be much more in some parts of the state. While less expensive, assisted living facilities and homemaker services are beyond the means of many families.

How to keep family money in the family

You worked pretty hard to build up a legacy for your kids and their kids to inherit and you're rightfully proud of what you've accomplished.

Unfortunately, it isn't easy to keep that money in the family and growing -- there's generally a "three generation" rule that says that your grandchildren are most likely to be right back at the starting point of trying to build wealth all over again.

A financial checklist for remarriage

Many people find love a second time. While you may be older and wiser than when you first got married, there are still easy financial mistakes to make. Below, you can find a financial checklist that can ensure you are entering into your second marriage financially prepared for every eventuality.

  • Get a prenuptial agreement. Many people are hesitant to bring up a prenuptial agreement, but it is an essential part of a second marriage, particularly if your second marriage is occurring at or near retirement. Whether you have a business to protect or want to avoid the length and expense of divorce a second time, a prenuptial agreement is a good idea.
  • Revisit your retirement plan. Marriage can affect pension payments, Social Security disability benefits and alimony. Before marriage, make sure you understand whether any of your income will be affected by marriage. You may also have to look at your divorce settlement to determine if there are any complications. For example, if you already agreed to give your Social Security survivor's benefits to your ex-spouse, your new spouse may have to split it in the event you predecease your spouse.
  • Create a new estate planFrom protecting the inheritance for children from a previous marriage to changing the beneficiary of your life insurance, it is important to thoroughly review your estate plan. Everything from Medicaid planning to estate taxes can change from remarriage. If you have adult children, it helps to include them in the conversation to avoid creating any potential issues.

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