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A tragic death brings workplace safety to light in Ohio

Two Ohio men, both former executives at an aluminum company, pleaded not guilty recently to charges relating to an alleged cover-up in the death of a plant worker.

The employee was killed in 2012 by machinery that was deemed unsafe.

Ohio snowbirds: Make that estate plan before flying south

Halloween is almost here, and Thanksgiving isn't far behind. Then once Christmas passes, it's time for countless Ohio residents – the "snowbirds" – to fly south for the winter.

But before you hop in the car and head to Florida, Arizona, South Carolina or another warm-weather state, it would be prudent to make sure your estate plan is in order. You can have a worry-free vacation if you know that all your paperwork is in order should something occur.

Infant dies in hot car: how to prevent this from happening to you

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.

Last July, a 22-year old Ohio father forgot his six-month old daughter was in the car when he went to a local sporting event. The temperature outside that day was over 90 degrees. When he realized what had happened two hours later, it was too late.

Managing a holiday schedule with your adult child in college

When your child was a minor, managing a parenting plan over the holidays was a bit simpler. Now that they’re an adult in college, with their own schedules and priorities over the winter break, it’s not as easy. Now there are three adults with opinions about how to spend this precious time. And if you’re newly divorced, it may be completely foreign territory for everyone involved to divide time over the holidays.

If you are worried about whether you will be able to spend quality time with your college-aged child this holiday season, here are six suggestions that may help make the process easier.

What are the penalties for theft charges in Ohio?

There's nothing petty about petty theft. Or any theft in Ohio, no matter what it's called. The state has several classifications of theft when it comes to legal charges -- with petty theft being the least serious and first-degree felony theft being the most serious. Whether you're charged with the theft of a blank canvas and a box of paints or with the theft of an expensive work of art, you could be facing jail time if a conviction occurs.

So just how is theft classified in Ohio? And what is the sentence if you're convicted? Here's a primer:

Help needed to make Ohio custody laws more equitable

In Ohio, child custody isn't one size fits all. In fact, research done recently about how custody is awarded in Ohio shows that it varies throughout the state and depends on where you live.

The Ohio Parenting Time Report shares in its research that children are better off when they spend an equal amount of time with both parents when they're divorced or separated. The co-author of the report said that isn't the case in most Ohio counties, according to Public News Service."Sixty four of the 88 counties have parenting time schedules that are really of the 1950s or ‘Mad Men' days' model, where one parent will see the children for only 48 hours in a two-week period; so it's every other weekend," the co-author said. "And most of those counties allow also two to three hours' mid-week parenting time."

Woman dies a year after suffering brain injury at Ohio fair

A 19-year-old woman has died more than a year after she suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) on a ride at the Ohio State Fair.

The woman was injured on the Fire Ball ride on July 26, 2017, when a gondola filled with riders broke off from the ride and fell to the ground. An 18-year-old man was killed in the incident, and six others were injured.

Divorced parents must work together to manage the school year

The start of the school year in Ohio always is filled with challenges as kids get back on schedule and prepare for the year ahead, but if you're newly divorced, your kids will have a few extra adjustments to make. Figuring out how to maneuver while living in two households instead of one is tough -- as is setting a schedule for the kids with your ex-spouse. Here's a peek at what you should do and what you can expect as a newly single parent:

Ask your kids what their goals are and work with your former partner to make it happen. It is best for children and parents to be on the same page. Be supportive of your child. If your daughter wants to be on the debate team, for example, figure out how to work together to make it happen by deciding who will drive her to tournaments or pick her up from debate preparation.

Estate planning: Serving as your parent's executor in Ohio

You knew your mom had written a will and named you as the executor. As sad as the idea of her passing made you, you agreed to serve in that capacity for her when she passed away.

You just didn't anticipate the mess she might leave you to figure out.

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