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Don’t Let Your Past Hurt Your Future

If you were ever arrested for a crime, the trail of records is there for prying eyes to see. When that past incident comes up on a background check, it may cost you employment opportunities, an apartment rental, a loan, or affect your life in numerous other ways. A past record can be preventing your success and you may not even know it!

Mahaffey & Associates, of Sylvania, Ohio, can help you explore the expungement of your record to seal that information permanently from public view. Contact us today for a free phone consultation. We handle sealing/expungements for people of the Toledo area, Northwest Ohio and statewide.

Sealing Criminal Records

Ohio does not have true expungement, in which the records of your arrest, hearings and trial are physically destroyed. However, if you qualify, your records are sealed from employers and prospective employers, private detectives, landlords, lenders and the general public. Only certain government officials can unseal records. After sealing, when questioned about your record, you can confidently answer, “I have no criminal record”

Most criminal charges can be expunged or sealed, with certain exceptions. For example, OVI (DUI) records are not eligible. You can seek expungement if:

  • You were arrested but never formally charged
  • The prosecutor dropped or dismissed the charges
  • A judge dismissed the case
  • You were acquitted at trial
  • You plead guilty but qualified for dismissal upon completion of probation

Our criminal law attorneys have successfully handled misdemeanor and felony expungements across Ohio. There are limits – you only get “one bite of the apple” – and the process is too complex to attempt without legal representation. Our attorneys can determine if you qualify to apply, and we will personally guide your case through the court system.

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Whether you were innocent, made a bad choice as a youth, or committed the crime but want this monkey off your back, we can help. Contact or call us at 419-741-0111 for a free case evaluation. We take all major credit cards at our Sylvania office location.