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You Don’t Have To Fight Drunk Driving/OVI Charges Alone

The drunk driving laws change from year to year, and the penalties keep getting tougher. If you are charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs (OVI), you need a lawyer who is current on the law and aggressive in fighting the charges.

Mahaffey & Associates, provides a vigorous defense to citizens of Toledo and northwest Ohio who have been arrested for OVI and other alcohol and traffic violations, including college students at universities like the University of Toledo.

Possible Ohio Drunk Driving Charges

Our criminal defense lawyers have represented drivers from all walks of life in a variety of scenarios:

  • First offense OVI and repeat offenders
  • Under 21 OVI (blood-alcohol content of .02)
  • CDL truck drivers (BAC of .04)
  • Refusal of a chemical test or breath test
  • Out-of-state drivers arrested in Ohio

Our goal is to avoid a conviction or minimize jail time, license suspensions and other consequences. Our attorneys are skilled at challenging the probable cause for the traffic stop and conclusions drawn from field sobriety tests and Breathalyzers.

‘Do I Need A Lawyer For A First-Time OVI?’

Avoiding a conviction or straight guilty plea for a first offense OVI is critical because of the jail time and severe penalties involved if you are ever arrested again on drunk driving charges. An attorney who knows the law and the local justice system can limit the impact and help in many ways, including negotiating alternatives to jail, obtaining work privileges (temporary driver’s license), getting you into a drug/alcohol program, or helping you comply with probation requirements.

Sure, there are costs in hiring a qualified defense attorney. But in the long run, we are confident that we will save you more money than we charge by getting lesser court fines, lower insurance rates and dismissals of tacked-on offenses — not to mention the impact on your job and future employability.

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