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Need Help Fighting White Collar Crime Charges In Ohio Or Michigan?

White collar crime is an umbrella term that applies to various types of financial crimes, from fraud to embezzlement. These charges are frequently brought in federal court and carry stiff sentences.

Mahaffey & Associates, defends those accused of white collar crimes in Ohio and Michigan federal courts. Our criminal defense lawyers have developed an approach that has resulted in favorable outcomes in serious felony cases. Contact us immediately when you have any indication that an investigation is underway or if a loved one is arrested.

Do not speak to the police; your words can easily be twisted to imply guilt. If arrested on white collar charges, retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. These cases are complicated. You need someone with the ability to conduct an independent investigation to challenge the evidence and put forth the strongest arguments on your behalf.

Types Of White Collar Charges

We can provide a strong defense to the while collar charges, including:

  • Fraud Bankruptcy fraud, insurance or mortgage fraud and Medicaid fraud
  • Embezzlement Siphoning company funds or improperly using client funds
  • Money laundering Often added to serious drug distribution and trafficking offenses

These charges may involve a grand jury and can lead to significant financial penalties along with prison time. Collateral consequences include damage to your professional reputation. An allegation can easily end a career you worked hard to build over many years.

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