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Building Families And Protecting Children Through Adoption

Adoption is legally complex, but an experienced adoption lawyer can help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

If you are welcoming a new child into your family or taking a family member under your wing, Mahaffey & Associates, will handle the details and clear any obstacles. We have facilitated adoptions for clients throughout northwest Ohio.

Experienced In All Types Of Adoption

Our family law attorneys are knowledgeable about the legal issues and practical considerations in different types of adoption proceedings:

  • Stepparent adoption — Formally adopting a stepchild, including termination of parental rights
  • Private adoption — Ensuring that arrangements with the birth mother are legally compliant and that the transition goes smoothly
  • International adoption — Helping couples deal with foreign governments, intermediary organizations, the extensive paperwork and “re-adoption” under Ohio law
  • Grandparent adoption — Enabling grandparents or other relatives to legally adopt a child who has been orphaned or abandoned

Proper Foundations For A Happy Ending

Conflicts can arise in adoptions. It is best to involve an attorney from the very beginning to avoid any complications that might delay or derail the adoption, or to quickly address any bumps along the way.

For a free initial phone consultation with our Toledo adoption attorneys, call Mahaffey & Associates toll-free at 419-741-0111 or contact us online. We can meet clients at our office in Sylvania, including evenings and weekends by appointment.