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Child Sex Crime Allegations Can Ruin Lives

Few criminal charges carry the same severity as sex crime charges involving children. Investigations can become high-profile matters with guilty verdicts in the courts of public opinion. Far too many innocent Ohio residents have been forced to fend off the accusations, only to have their personal and professional relationships in tatters.

Fighting To Even The Odds Or Protect Your Rights

Prosecutors are unrelenting in their investigations and evidence gathering. They employ all resources at their disposal to secure a verdict of guilty. Speaking to them before talking with an attorney not only undermines your case but also violates your rights, specifically to remain silent.

Immediate legal advocacy is paramount if you have been charged with a child molestation or possession of illegal pornography. You need to consult with an attorney so you can counter the prosecution’s resources and diligence in pursuing a guilty verdict. The sooner you contact a Toledo criminal defense attorney at Mahaffey & Associates, the sooner we can help you.

The repercussions for convictions of internet sex crimes, sex with a minor and other child sex crimes can last a lifetime. In addition to prison sentences, probation and significant fines and restitution, you could spend years, if not decades as a registered sex offender. Regardless of where you live, the surrounding community will be notified of your arrival and the background you are bringing into the community.

Lawyers Who Protect Rights Instead Of Passing Judgment

Before speaking to anyone about child sex crime allegations, schedule a free telephone consultation online with an attorney at Mahaffey & Associates, by calling 419-741-0111.