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You Need Legal Guidance When Responding To Domestic Violence Charges And Protection Orders

Allegations of domestic violence can have criminal and collateral consequences. Aside from the possibility of jail and a criminal record, you may find yourself kicked out of your own house and unable to see your own children. Attempting to reconcile or communicate with the alleged victim can make matters worse.

If you are facing domestic assault charges or a restraining order/protection order, contact our law firm immediately. The prompt intervention of our experienced criminal defense lawyers can make a real difference in the outcome.

Domestic Violence Charges

Police will typically arrest someone when they are called to a domestic disturbance. Only later will you get a chance to tell your side of the story. Mahaffey & Associates, will vigorously defend you against criminal charges of assault and battery against a spouse, partner or family member. We know that domestic violence charges are sometimes exaggerated or fabricated for leverage in divorce or custody proceedings.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

A family court may issue a restraining order in a divorce action to prevent abuse or retaliation by a spouse. Restraining orders are temporary during divorce proceedings and enforced only by the court. A civil or criminal protection order, on the other hand, is permanent and swiftly enforced by police. A protection order commonly involves an eviction order, a no-contact order and temporary custody of children. Violating a protection order will trigger an arrest and additional penalties or restrictions.

Get Experience On Your Side

Our lawyers will go to court to fight spousal abuse charges or challenge a civil/criminal protection order. We understand the heavy overtones for your current legal proceedings and the long-term implications in your life.

To speak with a domestic violence defense attorney, contact us online or call 419-741-0111 for a free initial phone consultation. Serving northwest Ohio, we have an office in Sylvania, and we accept all major credit cards.