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Facing Criminal Charges In Toledo? You Need An Aggressive Defense Lawyer.

If you were arrested and charged with a crime, you are at the beginning of a stressful and potentially confusing process. You will be putting your future and possibly your freedom into the hands of an attorney.

When you choose Mahaffey & Associates to represent you, you will work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your constitutional rights and freedom. Call us at 419-741-0111 for a free phone consultation.

No Matter What The Crime Is, We Serve Toledo

Our attorneys have practiced criminal defense for years, serving the Toledo area and surrounding counties of northwest Ohio. We have defended adults and youth against a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges:

We also handle expungement and sealing of old records of convictions and/or dismissals.

Our attorneys work in all courts of northwest Ohio and know the personalities and tendencies of local prosecutors and judges. Those insights are critical to making informed decisions in your defense.

What Is The Role Of A Criminal Defense Attorney?

At Mahaffey & Associates, our criminal defense attorneys understand that facing criminal charges can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience. The role of a criminal defense lawyer is multifaceted, serving not only as an advocate for the accused but also as a guide through the complex maze of the criminal justice system. We are responsible for defending the rights and interests of our clients by challenging the evidence presented, negotiating with prosecutors for lesser charges or reduced sentences and representing you in all court proceedings.

Working with a skilled criminal defense lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. We will work tirelessly to ensure that we present your case as strongly as possible. Throughout your case, we will provide strategic advice and help you understand all of your legal options. With so much at stake, including your freedom and reputation, partnering with a seasoned defense lawyer from Mahaffey & Associates is a critical step in protecting your future.

Contact Us For Trusted Ohio Criminal Defense Guidance

Our attorneys will personally handle your case and explore avenues to beat the charges or lessen the consequences of a conviction. Contact us today for swift intervention and aggressive representation. You can also call us at 419-741-0111. Mahaffey & Associates is located in Sylvania, and we accept all major credit cards.