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Fighting For The Future Of Those Accused Of Juvenile Sex Crimes

The criminal defense attorneys at the Toledo-based Mahaffey & Associates, know the stakes involved when poor judgment leads to bad decisions by a juvenile. When those mistakes take the form of felonies or misdemeanors – specifically sex crimes – a promising future comes to an immediate halt.

In the midst of bad decisions, the best decision after a sex crime accusation is to secure an attorney. Diligent legal representation is paramount to protect freedoms and futures of young people whose lives could be ruin by juvenile sex crime accusations.

How We Can Protect Your Child’s Future

Our lawyers employ our vast resources to get to the facts of your case. In-depth investigations are paramount in criminal cases that combine legal complexities with emotionally charged issues. A young person’s future hangs in the balance. Pursuing employment, education and even a place to live presents obstacles difficult to overcome.

At Mahaffey & Associates, we believe in second chances for our clients who have their entire lives ahead of them. A lapse in judgment is no reason to destroy a once-promising future.

Protecting Rights, Not Passing Judgment

If you are a juvenile charged with a sex crime or the parent of a son or daughter facing similar allegations, schedule a free telephone consultation online. You can also reach an Ohio criminal defense attorney at Mahaffey & Associates, by calling 419-741-0111.