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Help Modifying Or Enforcing A Prior Order

When life happens following divorce, you may need help modifying or enforcing a prior family court order. A change of employment may require updating a support obligation. The needs of a child will change over the years, which can make a prior custody schedule unworkable.

Families across the Toledo metro area trust the attorneys at Mahaffey & Associates, LLC, to find solutions when family law problems resurface. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your problem and address your concerns. Once you retain us, we will step in and swiftly file the necessary motions to modify or enforce your court order.

When Do You Need To File A Motion To Modify?

Losing a job does not in and of itself relieve you from paying a support obligation. Moving for career advancement or to take a new job could significantly affect shared parenting arrangements.

Changes to spousal support, child support or parenting time must go through court approval. We can explain how the process works in Ohio. Our experienced attorneys will walk you through each step, from filing initial motions to advancing the best arguments at a contested hearing.

Enforcement Tools

If your former spouse fails to make support payments, you have some options. We can initiate an enforcement action when beneficial. Then we will see the process through until you start getting the payments you counted on.

Free Initial Consultation

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you find a solution and get you back to thinking about what is for dinner.

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