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Steps To Follow After A Car Crash

Car accidents can occur at any time, and they often happen at the worst possible time. What should you do right after an accident? The first step is common sense – call law enforcement to report the collision. Request an ambulance if you or anyone else appears injured.

At Mahaffey & Associates, we represent injury victims across the Toledo metro area. We will handle the legal claim, so you can focus on your recovery. Our attorneys will fight hard to make sure you receive fair compensation. This covers not only your out of pocket expenses, such as medical costs and lost wages but also the pain you have suffered throughout the recovery process.

Here are several things that you can do to document damages and assist in establishing fault after a motor vehicle accident:

  1. Obtain an official police report: Even if an officer does not respond to the scene, go in and file a report.
  2. Document the scene: Use your cellphone to photograph the positions of cars, skid marks and damage; draw a diagram, and ask for contact information from witnesses.
  3. Get a checkup: Some injuries are not immediately apparent. This step will prove your injuries were caused by the accident. (Getting immediate care can also help you get more quickly.)
  4. Follow your doctor’s orders: Continue through with recommended treatment.

Question An Initial Settlement Offer

An insurance company may try to settle a claim right away before you understand the full extent of your injury. Before accepting a settlement offer, speak to a personal injury lawyer.

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