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Helping You Put An End To Elder Financial Abuse

Senior citizens are commonly targeted by scam artists and unscrupulous salespeople. The elderly are also vulnerable to being taken advantage of by family members and caregivers.

If you believe your parent or loved one has been the victim of elder financial abuse, the attorneys of Mahaffey & Associates, can intervene. We can take action to stop the activity and to recover money or property that was taken through theft, fraud or undue influence.

As experienced elder law attorneys, we understand that these can be sensitive situations. Your loved one may be embarrassed or reluctant to press charges, especially if the perpetrator is a member of the family. It may be necessary to invoke powers of attorney or obtain court orders. Our priority is to make sure that the accounts and assets are safe from further loss. Then we can discuss legal remedies, including civil actions, criminal charges and guardianship proceedings.

Elder Fraud And Financial Abuse

Some people will take advantage of an elderly person who is trusting, lonely or mentally compromised. Abuse takes many forms, such as:

  • Door-to-door or phone solicitations
  • Internet fraud and phishing scams
  • Scare tactics by creditors and collection agencies
  • Unauthorized credit card purchases by family members
  • Children usurping the property of the estate
  • Care workers stealing money or jewelry
  • Undue influence to change the person’s will

Our lawyers can suggest ways to protect your parents’ best interests, depending on their circumstances and the level of vulnerability. If your loved one cannot manage his or her financial affairs, it may be necessary to assign a third-party trustee or to ask the court to appoint a guardian.

Mahaffey & Associates has served Toledo and surrounding communities since 2002. We can help if you live out of state but need legal intervention on behalf of your parents who live in Ohio.

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