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What Rights Do I Have As A Single Father?

Limiting access to children is unfortunately common following a breakup or after an ex-girlfriend learns you have started a new relationship. If you are not being allowed to see your kids, what rights do you have?

Many fathers have the misperception that they have no rights, but this is not true. In addition, child support payments, or the lack thereof, cannot affect your right to spend time with your kids.

At Mahaffey & Associates, we represent individuals across greater Toledo and throughout northwest Ohio. We will listen closely to understand your unique situation and relationship dynamics at play. Our family law attorneys can answer any questions and explain your rights in understandable terms. Then we will discuss next steps to reach a workable solution.

What Do I Have To Do To See My Kids?

You may need to establish paternity as the first step. Signing a recognition of parentage at the hospital does not on its own convey child custody and visitation rights.

Once paternity is established, we will help you obtain custody or visitation rights. The Ohio courts are governed by the best interests standard when making child custody and visitation decisions. Your child’s age and the strength of your current relationship are factors that may affect when and how much parenting time you receive.

Issues often arise when the mother of your children seeks to relocate for a job or to be closer to family. The court must generally approve modifications of prior custody orders in these circumstances. We will try to negotiate an agreement, but will not hesitate to take the matter to trial to protect your interests.

Learn About Fathers’ Rights

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