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If your marriage has faded, dissolution could be your best option

On Behalf of | May 25, 2020 | Family Law

Once your children have left home, things can feel different in your marriage. You may feel it is time to go your separate ways and let each do what they want with the rest of their life.

You have friends who have been through messy divorces, and you have seen the consequences. Not only did it take each of them years to recover emotionally, but financially too. They threw money away, fighting over things in court.

So, you decide you are going to avoid this by getting a dissolution rather than a divorce. You can sit down and work things out between you first, before bringing in an attorney each to make sure you are not missing anything or selling yourself short. Your attorneys can draw up the paperwork, and then the judge only has to sign them to dissolve your marriage.

These are some of the financial things you need to sort out:

  • Health Insurance: Consider how you will both stay covered
  • Property: How will you split your property? A family home can feel empty without kids, selling it could allow you to buy two smaller separate properties.
  • Assets: Sorting out the money in the bank or in investments can be tricky, but it is possible to come to an arrangement that both parties consider fair.
  • Taxes: Consider when you get divorced, and how this will affect your taxes. It could pay to wait for a little if it means you can take advantage of any tax breaks.

If your marriage has run its course, an Ohio attorney can explain the options available to you.