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What can you do with a living will?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2023 | Estate Planning

A living will is also known as an advance healthcare directive. It is a legal document that allows you to make critical decisions regarding your medical treatment in advance. 

A living will helps ensure that your healthcare preferences are respected and followed when you cannot communicate or make decisions due to incapacity. Its primary purpose is to outline end-of-life care preferences. However, it offers a range of versatile uses to suit your unique needs, as explained below.

You can provide specific instructions to healthcare providers

A living will legally conveys your wishes and preferences to healthcare providers regarding the medical interventions and treatments you wish to receive or decline. These instructions can cover various scenarios, including life-sustaining measures, resuscitation, hydration, the use of artificial nutrition and pain management.

Beyond end-of-life care, a living will can address specific medical conditions or situations. For example, if you have strong beliefs regarding certain treatments, medications or therapies, you can specify them in your living will. It puts you in control over your medical affairs and allows you to customize your healthcare based on personal values and beliefs.

You can protect your loved one’s financial interests

By including the necessary provisions in your living will, you can protect your loved one’s finances. For instance, you can explicitly state your desire to avoid costly procedures that may not align with your values or improve your quality of life. This helps ensure your loved ones are not burdened with unnecessary financial expenses related to medical interventions you would not have chosen.

You can have peace of mind

With a living will, you will find comfort in having everything in place should the unexpected occur. You will also spare your loved ones the burden of making sensitive medical decisions on your behalf.

Preparing for incapacitation is important when crafting your estate plans. Anything can happen anytime, and you do not want to leave your close kin in the thick of it. Learning more about how a living will works and how you can take control of your affairs can help you navigate life’s difficult moments.