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When should you change your parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Child Custody

Raising children in two homes can be challenging, but a parenting plan can make work more manageable. With a highly structured plan, you and the other parent will know your schedules, what to do during emergencies, and so on. However, as time goes by, your existing plan may no longer work, and, in turn, you may need to modify it.

Here are three situations that may call for a change.

Considerable change in your child’s schedule

If your child’s schedule significantly changes, you may need to modify your parenting plan. For example, if they join extracurricular activities that happen when you should be spending time with them, you may need to change the plan to be with them on days they are free. 

Change in the child’s needs

 A change in your child’s educational or medical needs is another factor that may contribute to the modification of your parenting plan. For example, if your child develops a medical condition that restricts them from moving around as much, they may need to stay with the custodial parent longer. You can visit them according to a new schedule. In addition, it may help to include virtual visitation in your parenting plan. 


If you or the custodial parent moves to a different area, perhaps for work, the current parenting plan may not work because your child may be unable to visit as often. Therefore, you can move visits to the weekend and include virtual visitation on certain days of the week. 

You should know when to modify your parenting plan to spend quality time with your child should circumstances change. It will help to get legal guidance to understand the moves to make.