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Mistakes to avoid when charged with domestic violence in Ohio 

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Criminal Defense

The consequences of a domestic violence charge can be far-reaching, especially if you’re convicted, so figuring out how to defend yourself is critically important.

It is equally crucial that you know the missteps to avoid. Here are three huge mistakes that could really hurt your case:

Violating the restraining order

Immediately following a formal charge, there is a pretty good chance the court will issue a protective order against you. Basically, this will prohibit you from contacting your accuser either directly or indirectly. It might be tempting to get in touch with your accuser to talk things out or to register your frustrations, but that could get you a whole new set of charges. 

Discussing the case online

Generally, discussing a matter that is in court with anyone other than your legal representative is never a prudent idea. Discussing your domestic violence charge online can land you in serious problems with the court. This includes posting about the actual incident, responding to the accusation or addressing your accuser. If you have anything to say, talk through your legal representative in court.

Missing court dates

If you are released on bail while your case is ongoing, you will be required to appear in court for your trial. Do not miss your court dates. Doing so amounts to jumping bail, and it can lead to serious consequences. These may include forfeiting your bail money, revocation of your bail and going to prison for the remainder of the trial period. 

Being charged with domestic violence is a big deal. Knowing your legal options can help you develop an effective defense when facing domestic violence charges in Ohio.