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5 common questions people have during a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce can be confusing and complicated. You have to make a lot of considerations during the divorce process. 

Just like you, many people are going through a divorce with unanswered questions. Here are several you may be having right now:

1. Will I see my kids again?

You and your spouse will likely plan out a child custody agreement. During this process, you can discuss when you see your kids and many other options for the future. For example, you may discuss where your child goes to school or who sees them on holidays.

2. Will I lose all of my assets?

During a divorce, there will be a division process. Typically, marital assets are distributed evenly and some assets may be guaranteed if you have a prenup or postnup.

3. Will I have to pay alimony forever?

Alimony (spousal support), frequently, only lasts for a fraction of the length of a marriage. You may have to pay alimony for several years if your spouse was dependent on you, but it won’t last forever.

4. When can I start dating again?

It’s generally best to wait for the divorce process to finalize before considering entering another relationship. There could be suspicion that a new relationship was the cause of a divorce and may cause difficulty during the process.

5. Should I get legal help?

It’s never possible to tell how exactly the divorce process will go. You may need to know your legal options if your divorce turns into a battle or you’re unsure of your options and rights.