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Stressed out? It may make divorce more likely

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Divorce

Sometimes, it feels like you just can’t avoid stress. If you have a job, you get the work stress that comes with it. If you’re unemployed, you see uncertainty and financial stress. If you have children, you love them dearly, but they certainly add stress to your life. It feels like every decision you make just defines what type of stress you’re dealing with.

If this resonates with you and you’re living with that type of chronic stress, you should know that researchers have linked it to higher odds of divorce. They say that stress “generally contributes to divorce” and that you may see far more friction in your relationship if you have stress coming from other sources.

For instance, maybe you’re constantly stressed about your job, so you spend long hours at the office. Even when you’re home, you’re thinking about work and checking your email on your phone. After a while, your spouse may feel like they never really get to spend time with you — even when you’re in the same room together.

This can make your spouse decide that they want a more fulfilling relationship, and they may move on and look for something else. It could also cause them to be angrier with you over little issues that they’d usually ignore. The constant atmosphere of stress and disconnect in the house amplifies the natural little challenges of any relationship.

Still, stress is something many Americans face every day. If you end up getting divorced as a result, be sure you know what steps you need to take and what legal rights you have.