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Who has your best interests in mind following an auto accident?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Personal Injury

Concerning today’s blog headline query, it’s likely to become quickly apparent what various parties tasked with responsibility following a motor vehicle crash are centrally focused upon.

Take insurance companies, for example – even your own. The bottom line with such entities comes down to straightforward math: They make money by cashing policyholders’ premium checks, not by paying out on claims.

The motives of an insurer’s legal team and its adjusters are similarly transparent. The value pegged to the work they do aligns with their promotion of the employer’s interests.

Who protects the accident victim?

We think that begs an easy answer at the proven Northwest Ohio law firm of Mahaffey & Associates. The privilege of working on behalf of injury victims belongs to a passionate and committed legal team entrusted to safeguard their interests.

There is no ambiguity there. Experienced legal advocates have an absolute duty of loyalty to their clients. It is often spotlighted by their unstinting efforts to secure best-case outcomes featuring maximum recoveries.

That focus uniformly applies across the broad realm of personal injury law, regardless of case parameters and [/one_fourth]

A case might involve the needs of a victim and loved ones following a car crash owing to third-party negligence. Alternatively, it might focus upon a work-related accident and resulting claim under both workers’ compensation and personal injury laws. Compassionate and informed legal advocacy sometimes addresses surviving family members’ needs in the wake of a wrongful death.

A seasoned legal team will respond aggressively and with empathy under all those scenarios.

And its pro-client motives will always be clear.