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Tips to help you recover after bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2019 | Bankruptcy

The decision to file for bankruptcy will impact your finances now and in the future. To ensure stability down the road, it’s critical to devise and implement a recovery plan.

Here are four tips to help you recover after your bankruptcy case comes to a close:

  • Review your credit report: Pull your credit report, review every last detail and make note of anything that doesn’t look right. For example, if you come across a debt included in your bankruptcy that is not properly documented, take action to remove the error.
  • Monitor your credit report: It’s critical to pull your credit report shortly after bankruptcy, but get into the habit of closely monitoring it in the months to follow as well.
  • Don’t miss payments: A bankruptcy filing will remain on your credit report for seven or 10 years, depending on the type. Don’t add missed or late payments to this, as doing so will hold you back from rebuilding your credit and boosting your score.
  • Use a secured credit card: It’s difficult to obtain an unsecured credit card after bankruptcy, but a secured credit card is a different story. With this, the deposit you make acts as both your credit limit and security deposit. As long as the issuer reports your activity to the three major credit bureaus, responsible use will help you recover.

You put a lot of time into the bankruptcy process, so don’t let your hard work go to waste. Follow these tips after bankruptcy to protect your legal rights as a consumer and help you make a full recovery.