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How to plan a vacation in midst of child custody agreement

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Family Law

Being part of a child custody agreement is never easy, even if you have a decent relationship with the other parent. You are bound to disagree about different things, including summer vacations. Today, we will provide you some tips for planning a vacation while involved in a child custody agreement.

You will likely end up in court for custody interference if you fail to meet with the other parent to discuss vacation plans. You cannot just pack up your child and head across the country for a road trip. Vacations need to be discussed, scheduled and then carried out based on what was agreed upon between you and the other parent.

It’s possible that your custody agreement has geographic limitations, which means you might not be able to travel from Ohio to Florida or California. You need to check the agreement and find out if travel is limited before planning where you will take your child this summer.

Do your best to provide ample notice to the other parent about your vacation plans. If you have been planning a trip for six months, don’t wait until a week before the trip to let the other parent know about it. The sooner you make them aware, the less likely it is you will run into any problems.

Always allow your child to call, text, email or video chat with their other parent while on vacation. Just because you are no longer in the same state doesn’t mean your child shouldn’t be able to talk with their other parent.

Planning a vacation while having to stick to a child custody agreement can be incredibly challenging. If you follow the tips outlined today, you should have no trouble scheduling your vacation and then getting to enjoy it with your children in Ohio or any other state.