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Do you know the signs of parental alienation syndrome?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Family Law

You’ve probably heard of parental alienation syndrome, but do you know what the signs of it are if you see it?

Parental alienation syndrome is the direct result of a concentrated attempt to destroy someone’s relationship with his or her children. Usually, one parent is acting out of malice toward the other, poisoning his or her children’s hearts and minds against the other parent.

While no parent is perfect and children occasionally have conflicts with their parents over time, these are the signs that something more serious is taking place:

1. Your child suddenly begins to demonstrate contempt for you, even vocalizing statements that are disrespectful or scornful.

2. Your child deliberately defies you or takes an oppositional approach to everything you say, when this was not the norm for your relationship.

3. Your child begins to shut you out, asking you not to call, declining to visit or asking you not to go to his or her school play, games or other activities.

4. Your child begins to challenge your authority and may even demonstrate explosive anger about a whole list of perceived “wrongs” you’ve committed against both the child and his or her other parent.

5. Your child rejects anything that demonstrates a bond between you — like a favorite activity you’ve previously shared.

6. Your child denies ever having been close to you.

7. Your child asks to end visitation with you.

It’s important to realize that children suffering from parental alienation syndrome believe that they are choosing the path they’re on. They will deny being influenced by their other parent and swear that they have made up their own mind about your failings.

Many of these children are the victims of a vengeful parent who suffers from either a borderline or narcissistic personality disorder. The children are seen as both a pawn and a prize in the parent’s game.

Make no mistake about the gravity of parental alienation syndrome. Children rarely recover their emotional balance without intervention and therapy. Parental alienation syndrome isn’t just destructive to your relationship with your child — it’s highly damaging to your child’s entire sense of stability and self as well.

If you believe that parental alienation syndrome is interfering with your child visitation rights, talk to a professional today about your options.

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