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What benefits can you get from an uncontested divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Divorce

You may be putting off getting your divorce because of the horror stories you have heard from well-meaning family and friends. You may think that divorce always involves a long and combative court dispute. Or that getting a divorce will be bankruptcy-inducingly expensive. It will be hard for your children to see their parents embroiled in a conflict.

If you want to divorce but don’t want a long and contentious legal process, there are less stressful and expensive methods you might consider when your marriage is at an end. You may avoid many of the worst elements of litigation by getting an uncontested, or amicable, divorce.

Uncontested divorce has numerous benefits, including:

  • An amicable divorce usually costs less than going to court.
  • With an uncontested divorce, the details of your dispute remain private, whereas they become a matter of public record when you litigate.
  • An uncontested divorce often takes less time than litigating your disputes.
  • Mediation or collaborative divorce can teach you valuable skills in negotiation, communication and cooperation, which you can use in nearly any life situation – especially co-parenting with your ex.
  • You can avoid much of the stress and conflict that people experience when they take their issues to court.

You still need an attorney

While an uncontested divorce has numerous benefits, it is not for every situation. In addition, in order to ensure your interests are represented, you should still have an attorney review your settlement before filing with the court. This prevents you from agreeing to an unfair division of assets or unfair child custody arrangement. It also ensures you file all paperwork correctly.

Divorce done your way

You do not have to remain in a miserable marriage because you are afraid that the alternative – making it through the divorce – is worse. Today’s uncontested divorce options may help you get the process over with faster and more smoothly than taking your issues before a judge.