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3 good reasons not to file for divorce before Christmas debunked

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Divorce

Nobody can tell you the perfect time to file for divorce. In fact, the odds are good that there isn’t one.

However, some times are better than others. On the surface, it probably seems like waiting until the holidays are over to file for divorce is the best idea — but you need to consider several different things before you make that decision.

Reasons to wait — and why you might reconsider:

1. Your spouse is about to get a year-end bonus.

After you file for divorce, anything your spouse earns at that point stops being marital property — which means you aren’t entitled to share it.

However, think about exactly how much that bonus is and why you need the money. Do you need the money? Are you likely to end up seeing part of it through child support or spousal support anyhow? You may be hanging onto the threads of your marriage for an amount of money that really isn’t worth it once you take an objective look.

2. You don’t want to upset everyone.

The holidays can be emotional enough and a lot of people don’t want to associate the holidays with their divorce. If you have kids, you may be worried you’ll permanently ruin the holidays for them. If you have a lot of family, you may not want to go through all the questions at every family gathering from now until New Year’s Day.

On the other hand, the holidays aren’t exactly going to be happy affairs if you and your spouse are at each other’s throats. Your kids are going to associate the season with a lot of fighting and your family members are probably going to pick up on the tensions anyhow. If you act now, you may be able to put a little civility back in your relationship by giving each other space — and that’s a gift for everyone involved.

3. You aren’t ready.

Emotionally, you aren’t there yet, and you don’t have all your financial documents gathered up and sorted.

This one makes the most sense when it comes to delaying the inevitable divorce — but only if you’re actively pulling yourself and your paperwork together. If not, you’re only fooling yourself into a longer delay.

An attorney can provide specific advice that can help you make up your mind about divorce.

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