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Officer’s actions denounced in excessive force case

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Criminal Defense

The use of force by police officers against unarmed citizens remains a hot-button issue in Ohio and across the country. The latest example has sparked protests in Columbus.

According to a recent report, police officials in Columbus have deemed an officer’s actions unreasonable after he reportedly kicked a restrained man while the man was lying on the ground. A YouTube video shows the officer striking the man with his foot while the man was handcuffed and lying on his chest.

In a public statement, the Columbus Police Department said that the “strike/stomp was an untrained technique.” The mayor and several city council members also denounced the officer’s actions. It is unclear from the report whether the man was charged with a crime.

The story exemplifies the need for an experienced criminal defense attorney. Indeed, the YouTube video helps a great deal in telling the accused’s story and vindicating him for wrongdoing, but not everyone arrested or accosted by the police will benefit from cell phone video. Instead, they have to rely on their own words and recollections to bridge uncertainties about their cases.

This is where a skilled defense attorney becomes invaluable. A lawyer can investigate all facets of the crime and develop cogent legal arguments to defend against criminal charges. Further, an attorney can help the accused understand the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s case, and help the accused make informed decisions about how the case should be litigated.

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