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Should you consult an attorney in an uncontested divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Divorce

Many people considering divorce may be discouraged by how much they imagine they will have to pay in order get out of their marriage. Indeed, contested divorces, where both sides are entrenched in their respective positions, can obviously be costly. But for those who have few assets, there is a way for them to simply move on. The process for uncontested divorces is streamlined so that people can exercise their rights without too much difficulty.

Even with the ease of completing an uncontested divorce, it is still helpful to consult with an experienced family law attorney. This post will highlight a few reasons why.

To resolve child support questions – It is common for this question to be glossed over or ignored when children are not part of the divorce. But when they are, it is important to resolve these questions early so that disputes don’t arise that can derail the process.

To gain information about jointly held debts – An important aspect of an uncontested divorce is that the parties agree on how to handle jointly held debts, such as open leases on property or vehicles, and credit card debts. Indeed, parties may agree initially, but what happens if a person defaults on their responsibility to pay? This could lead to potential difficulty for the other ex-spouse.

Resolving real property questions – Unlike divorces processed during the housing market crash, spouses potentially have to determine how they will split the profits on the sale of a home. Again, a conversation with an experienced family law attorney can help in making these decisions.

The preceding is not legal advice. We invite couples considering uncontested divorces to contact us with individual questions.