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How to avoid spring break parenting time disputes

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2017 | Family Law

The rare warm weather in February is a reminder of two things: winter is almost over, and spring break is on the horizon. Unfortunately, parenting time disputes are common when it comes to dividing time during spring break. Because of this, we thought it appropriate to post about how to avoid disputes about spring break parenting time.

Remember that kids have two parents – Parenting time for out of state parents should not be interfered with or conditioned. This time is precious because they simply don’t the same amount to spend with a child compared to the custodial parent; yet children must have this time.

Know what is specified in the order – A court order sets forth the rules for how parenting time is to be allocated. While most have specific language regarding holidays, some may be unclear. So if your order has a standard phrase such as “reasonable and liberal parenting time,” it is best to seek clarification in writing before you make vacation plans.

Communicate in advance – A spontaneous vacation may be something a child may never forget, but they may be headaches for adults. If you want to surprise the kids with a trip to Disneyworld, the details should be worked out with the other parent well in advance.

Keep arguments away from children – There are a number of reasons as to why arguments should be out of earshot of children, but there is nothing more troubling for a child than to see parents bickering about them. So if you have a disagreement, do your best to keep it from being public.