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Financial habits can have big implications for a marriage

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2016 | Divorce

When one is married, the habits one develops can have big effects on how the marriage goes and how likely the relationship is to last. One area in which this can especially be the case are financial matters. There are some financial bad habits that can harm a relationship, possibly even making divorce more likely to be in a given married couple’s future. Examples of such habits include:

  • Not building up savings as a couple.
  • Not having a budget built for two.
  • Keeping financial secrets from one’s spouse.
  • Not talking about financial matters with one’s spouse.

So, a couple striving to build up good financial habits within their marriage cannot only be critical to their financial health, but also to the health of their relationship. What sorts of things would you recommend for developing good habits and staying away from bad ones when it comes to money matters within a marriage?

Another situation in which the habits one develops can be very impactful is when a person is divorcing their spouse. A divorce can go on for awhile, so it is possible to develop particular habits during such proceedings. This could include habits regarding: responding to deadlines in the case, dealing with financial-related matters, dealing with issues regarding the children, dealing with issues that stir up high emotions and responding when one’s spouse does something particularly infuriating. Developing the wrong habits during divorce proceedings could endanger one’s ability to protect their actual best interests during the proceedings. Skilled divorce attorneys can assist individuals with making preparations aimed at putting them on the path to developing good habits when it comes to their approach regarding the various issues in their divorce.

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