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April 2016 Archives

Making co-parenting work after divorce

Divorce severs many of the physical and legal ties that bind you to your spouse. Following the end of your marriage, you'll no longer live in the same home, won't have joint banking or investment accounts and likely won't share the title to property anymore. Once the dust settles and the assets and debts have been divided, you will go your separate ways and could theoretically never see one another again. The same isn't true if you are parents, however.

Legal risks to Ohio college students of underage drinking

Four out of every five college students consume alcohol, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. That is a lot of underage drinking, since 21 is the legal age to consume alcohol in Ohio and all other U.S. states and most students begin college right out of high school at age 18 or 19.

As credit card debt climbs, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help

Virtually no amount of financial planning or careful saving can completely address the burden of an unexpected financial crisis. For some people in Ohio, this is a sudden illness or injury that brings on considerable amounts of medical debt. For others, it is the accumulation of minor financial stumbling blocks. As consumers struggle to pay back bills while also meeting their daily needs, credit card debt continues to climb, making Chapter 7 bankruptcy a viable option for some people.

Estate planning can help businesses remain viable for generations

For those in Ohio who own a business, ensuring that the business continues to operate after one's death is often a primary concern. Many people have made their business venture one of their top priorities throughout their lives, and want to see that hard work passed down to future generations. Through comprehensive estate planning, that goal can become reality.

Eliminating your debts can pave the way to success

When many Ohio residents think about personal bankruptcy, it is with the assumption that choosing that path marks the end of the road -- the point beyond which success is simply unattainable. In reality, however, many people who pursue personal bankruptcy go on to achieve considerable success. When it comes to planning for the future, eliminating your debts is an excellent way to get a jump start on future prosperity.

Is Ohio's sex offender registry system broken?

Nearly 30 years ago, an Ohio man served time for a rape conviction stemming from an encounter with a woman his own age. While he was in jail, the state retroactively labeled him as a sexual predator, a label that many people associate with child sex abuse. Since that time, state registry restrictions dictate where he lives, works and plays. Additionally, neighbors receive notification when he moves in and potential employers learn of his status, making it nearly impossible for him to find a job.

Home foreclosure prompts NFL player's bankruptcy filing

When many people in Ohio think about personal bankruptcy, they imagine a scenario in which an individual has made a series of poor or irresponsible financial decisions. While this is sometimes the case, there are many other means by which people can find themselves in serious financial straits. A prime example is found in the story of an NFL player who seemingly made all the right moves, but still ended up in bankruptcy following a home foreclosure.

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