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Thanksgiving is a good time to discuss incapacity planning

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2015 | Care Planning

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many Ohio families are planning their celebrations. For some, the holidays are the only time of year when the entire family is gathered under one roof. Having loved ones all together and focused on gratitude could be an ideal setting to broach the subject of incapacity planning. While the topic can be difficult for many, it is vitally important that the matter is discussed, and it is far more convenient to have that discussion when everyone is in the same place.

A great way for parents to begin the conversation with their adult children is by stating how grateful they are for the blessings and good fortune that the family has enjoyed over the years. This provides the perfect segue to talk about the future and to let loved ones know that certain decisions have been made to protect against confusion and strife in the event that an incapacitating injury or illness should arise. From that point forward, each family will take a different approach.

In some cases, loved ones will want to know the details of the incapacity planning. They may wish to know which medical interventions are desired and which are not to be considered. Family members might ask questions about who will be tasked with making important medical and financial decisions if the need should arise. The person or persons who have structured the plan should consider the level of detail that will be discussed prior to arranging the family meeting.

As with any matter of significance, the more information that can be shared the better. Ohio families who have had detailed discussions about how things should be handled in the event of a serious medical issue are likely to be far better prepared to handle such an event than those who simply avoid discussing the matter. To that end, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring up the subject of incapacity planning and to include all loved ones in that important conversation.

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