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8 Nights of Medicaid Planning, part 3

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2014 | Medicaid Planning

Last time, we talked about the dreaded Look Back Period. In the third part of our Hanukkah inspired Medicaid Planning series we are going to talk about nursing homes and quality of care. There is a myth out there that people who receive Medicaid can’t pick their nursing home or receive sub standard care. This simply isn’t true. Now I know, many people have nursing home horror stories about substandard nursing home care, and I feel for those people. No one should have to endure that, however, those incidents have nothing to do with whether someone is private pay or on Medicaid.

In fact, many top self care facilities accept Medicaid. While it often pays the facility less money, they know that they will get paid. Nursing homes would rather a check clear than chase someone around on a private pay bill. As far as care is concerned, there are laws in place that ensure everyone receives the same level of competent care. With proper Medicaid Planning, you or your loved one can receive the EXACT same level of quality care without spending your life savings on it. As I tell my clients who are uncomfortable with the idea of the government paying for their care, you paid taxes your whole life, you are entitled to it. Some my clients also, when we first meet, think that they are somehow scamming the government. This is not true at all. Every piece of planning that we do isn’t shady at all and is perfectly legal. As I always say to people who believe this, I don’t make the rules. If they government doesn’t like it, change the rules. But until they do, everyone should be taking advantage of these rules and properly Medicaid plan. I equate Medicaid planning to tax planning and to something a law school tax professor of mine use to say. “Tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance isn’t.” Do yourself and your family a favor and protect your wealth for future generations, contact myself or another one of our Elder Law Attorneys today.