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Social media mistakes to avoid during a family legal dispute

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Divorce, Family Law

Emotions can run high during a divorce or custody dispute, and social media often becomes an outlet for those emotions. However, for adults and parents in Ohio navigating these challenging times, certain actions on social media can complicate legal proceedings and add to existing contention. 

Common social media mistakes

Before diving into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand that anything you say or share on social media can become evidence in court. 

With this in mind, some missteps to avoid include:

  • Posting emotional outbursts: Venting frustrations about your case or ex-partner can make you seem volatile and vindictive to others, including judges.
  • Sharing legal information: Discussing case details can undermine confidentiality and strategy.
  • Updating your relationship status: Announcing a new partner can make your ex feel upset and less willing to work together and compromise. It can also trigger or add weight to claims of marital misconduct.
  • Advertising financial matters: Bragging about a recent vacation, sharing pictures of a new car or discussing your financial status can contradict statements you made in court documents.
  • Putting your kids in the middle: Making statements about your ex’s parenting skills, using your child’s social media account to spy on your ex or posting questionable pictures of your children can jeopardize your case as well as your child’s well-being.

Remember that it is very easy for others to twist, misinterpret and share what you say and do online. Being mindful of these mistakes can help you avoid them and the costly aftermath.

What can I do instead?

To avoid setbacks in your legal battle because of social media activities, consider these suggestions:

  • Stay offline: Consider taking a break from social media to prevent impulsive posts.
  • Review privacy settings: Ensure your profiles are private.
  • Seek professional advice: While seeking support from friends and followers online is tempting, remember that real-world legal, financial and mental health professionals can typically prove to be more effective resources.
  • Check with others: Consult with your attorney before posting anything related to your case.

While social media offers a platform for expression, it’s essential to use it wisely and avoid common mistakes during a divorce and other family legal disputes. Remember, your actions online can have real-world consequences, so choose them wisely.