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Why do Baby Boomers have an increasing divorce rate?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Divorce

To a large degree, divorce rates are simply tied to age. For young people, divorce rates have been consistently dropping. But for Baby Boomers and those who are 50 years old and older, the divorce rates have been consistently increasing.

It’s very interesting to see two rates going in such vastly different directions, apparently all based on the age of the individuals involved. Why is it that Baby Boomers are getting divorced at a higher rate? There are a few potential reasons.

Increasing life expectancy

For one thing, generations today live longer than generations of the past. As life expectancy goes up, marriages get longer. This increases the odds that a couple will decide to get divorced, especially if they have different ideas about how they want to spend the final decades of their life.

Becoming empty-nesters

Another thing that happens is that parents will become empty-nesters when their children leave home. Often, parents may have been drifting apart in their personal relationship for years while they focused on raising the kids. This will only become clear when there are no longer children living at home.

Changing perspectives

Additionally, you simply have to consider that divorce is more socially acceptable now than it was at certain times in the past. Older individuals may have changed their perspectives over time, making it easier for them to get divorced now. Some of these couples may have been thinking about divorce for years. 

Regardless of the reasons for the divorce rate among older couples, it’s clear that this is happening more and more often. Those involved in a late-life divorce need to know everything possible about their legal options.