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How to deal with a difficult co-parent

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2023 | Child Custody

Some people change after a divorce. Thus, your children’s other parent may not act as they did when you were married. If you opted for co-parenting due to its significant benefits but are having a hard time, you may be dealing with a difficult co-parent.

A few practical tips can help you manage the experience. They include:

Don’t take things personally

Your ex-spouse may have unresolved issues from the divorce that push them to make your parenting life difficult. If this happens, you should not take things personally. Instead, follow the correct procedures to protect your parental rights. 

Undoubtedly, this can be easier said than done. But surrounding yourself with loved ones, joining support groups or going for therapy can make it possible.

Be strategic with communication

A difficult parent may be determined to misunderstand you, no matter how hard you try. Thus, you should be strategic when talking to them, especially during intense conversations about the kids. 

Further, the agreed communication methods should be open at all times. Your co-parent should easily reach you when they need to talk to you about a child-related matter, particularly during emergencies. An inability to find you may worsen the experience.

Don’t push them to do things

The “you can’t make me” attitude is common with difficult co-parents. They may want to do things as they please. For instance, they can refuse to attend a school event or make crucial decisions concerning the kids without your input. You should not try to make your co-parent to do things or judge them for not doing them. Instead, consider getting professional guidance.

If your co-parent is so difficult that it’s affecting your parental rights, you can get professional help to determine the best solution.