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5 tips for single parents balancing work and kids

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Family Law

Going through a divorce when you share children requires both parents to make decisions that are in the kids’ best interest. One thing that can prove challenging is trying to balance your time with the children with your work responsibilities.

During the marriage, one parent probably handled most of the childcare, but that will likely change now. Instead of having that other adult to count on when you need to get things done for work, you’re going to have to figure everything out on your own. Consider these tips for balancing work and your children after divorce.

#1: Plan around your parenting time

Once the parenting time schedule is set, you’ll know when you can plan things for work. Try to avoid encroaching upon the time you have the children with work duties. Of course, you’ll still have to work even if you have the children, but try to focus on quality time with them. You can schedule work-related tasks and even some personal care when the kids are with their other parent.

#2: Set backup plans

Always have backup plans for the children. This ensures that you have someone to watch them if you have to work and school is canceled. You and your ex may be able to work together for these times, but this isn’t possible if things are contentious between you and them.

#3: Communicate appropriately

You and your ex should have respectful communication directly with each other. This enables you to discuss all matters related to the children. This is especially important when there are challenging situations that creep up.

#4: Compromise when necessary

Everything won’t always go according to the schedule. Be willing to work with your ex to change the parenting time schedule when necessary. Remember, the parenting plan usually has a right of first refusal clause. This means that your ex could say they want to take the kids for a weekend if you have a work conference during your time with them, and you could do the same if your ex has to leave during their parenting time.

#5: Think about what the kids need now

Ultimately, your parenting plan should be in your child’s best interests. Planning for the children to have quality time with each parent is important. Remember, modifying these plans as the child’s needs change is possible.