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3 mistakes you should avoid when facing a criminal charge

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Something has just happened, and now you are on the police’s radar. You are a suspect in a criminal investigation. While being accused of a crime can be incredibly intimidating, it is important to understand that your actions or inaction will impact the outcome of your case.

Whether you are the perpetrator of the crime in question or not, you need to appreciate that your case is far from over. Here are common mistakes you need to avoid when charged with a crime in Ohio.

Resisting a lawful arrest

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the police may arrest you with or without a warrant. If the police decide to arrest you, do not stop them. Trying to block, fight, run or yell at the police will only compound your troubles. You may believe the police are violating your rights and wrongfully taking you into custody. However, any type of resistance may lead to additional charges. If you believe the police are violating your rights, take a mental note and bring this to the attention of your legal representative.

Talking too much

No matter the offense you are being arrested for, saying anything to the police other than your identification information is never a good idea. Most often, the police will inform you about your Miranda rights during the arrest. It is important that you take them seriously. The last thing you want during those tense moments is to say something the police will use to incriminate you during the trial.

Cleaning your tracks

You have a right to privacy. However, this only applies in certain places like your home. Once you toss something out of your home, whether in the trash bin or the ground, the police are free to pick it up for investigation. So if the police are coming after you, do not try to throw away something. This amount to concealing evidence and it can complicate matters for you.

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. Watch out for missteps that can hurt your chances of fighting the charges leveled against you and getting a favorable outcome in your case.