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When mediation works for divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2020 | Divorce

Deciding to get divorced is often a difficult decision. It is common to feel anxiety and stress when one’s life is about to change, especially if there are any children involved. The prospect of a courtroom divorce may increase this anxiety, but Ohio residents have options available. Many divorcing couples are turning toward mediation.

The main difference between mediation and traditional divorce is that mediation attempts to find a mutually beneficial resolution rather than enforce an arbitrated decision. Mediation differs in several other ways, as well.

Benefits of a mediated divorce

To get the most out of a mediated divorce, both parties should come to mediation enthusiastically. A couple may find their resolution faster, cheaper and more equitable when motivated toward compromise. Benefits of mediation include:

  • Confidential proceedings: Everything said in a mediated divorce hearing is confidential. In a courtroom, a court reported records everything said into the public record. Things said in the heat of the moment may resurface in future disputes otherwise.
  • Choice of mediator: Both parties will mutually choose a neutral mediator to guide the process. A mediator will guide the discussions toward mutual understanding and respect through active listening and empathy. Couples, particularly co-parents, may learn more effective communication skills that can serve them throughout their post-marriage relationship.
  • Accommodating scheduling: Mediation is not dependent on court schedules or personnel. Proceedings can take place in almost any neutral location and accommodate busy schedules. Courtroom civil cases can take months or years to schedule. A judge may sometimes rule for mediation in a divorce if they wish to reserve the court’s time for more severe crimes.
  • Cheaper: Without the necessary courtroom or personnel, mediation is generally less expensive than litigation. Court fees and other costs can add up quickly, but most lawyers even charge reduced rates for mediation services.
  • Satisfactory results: Mediation also produces more satisfactory resolutions. Since the couple works together to draft the agreement, each party is generally more pleased with the outcome. Mediation asks that each party work together toward a resolution, enabling them to take ownership of the agreement.

Ask a lawyer for more information

Those who believe mediation would work for their divorce can bring any questions to a local lawyer familiar with Ohio family law. Many couples find an attorney can help navigate the often complex and detailed legal documentation required in a divorce and allow them to focus on transitioning to their new situation.