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How to handle co-parenting during the school year

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Family Law

Living as a co-parent is not easy no matter how well you get along with your former spouse or your child’s other parent. Things can become especially challenging when you have to attend events at your child’s school. Your child is stressed enough as it is with school. Do not add to that stress by creating avoidable issues that involve the child’s education.

One of the most important things you need to do is tell the teacher to use the email addresses of both parents when sending out communication. Including just you or just the other parent is never a good idea. Making sure both of you remain informed can help alleviate a lot of issues at school involving your child.

Keep the noncustodial parent informed about your child’s education and when he or she stays home from school due to illness. Make sure the other parent knows of the work that was missed and when it must be completed in the event the child will be with the other parent.

Create a shared calendar online for you and the other parent to view. The shared calendar should include all of the important dates from the school calendar, including days off and events where parents are invited to attend.

Be sure to attend parent-teacher conferences with the other parent, unless the other parent says he or she cannot make it due to work or another conflict. Do not try to beat the other parent to the meeting to speak with the teacher one-on-one. There needs to be a unified front for your child.

Are you having trouble with the co-parenting agreement in place between you and your child’s other parent? If so, it’s time to examine the agreement and see if it needs to be updated.