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Recognizing the signs that divorce could be in your future

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2019 | Family Law

Divorce is not an easy subject for many people to discuss with their spouse. Despite this, there are times in life where you need to force yourself to discuss this topic so you can figure out where your marriage stands. Marriage is not easy. There’s a lot that goes into making your marriage successful. Today, we will help you recognize the signs that divorce could be in your future.

Finding yourself always on the defensive in your marriage is a big sign that divorce could be around the corner. Doing so is an effort to defend yourself from what you believe will be an attack from your spouse. Acting like a victim more often than not goes along with this sign of divorce.

Do you spend more time away from home trying to avoid your spouse than with them? If so, you likely aren’t happy with your spouse or your marriage. Many people go shopping when they don’t need anything, stay late at work for no reason and go out with friends instead of spending time with their spouse.

Have the emotional and physical intimacy left the marriage? Intimacy needs to be present in more than one way for a marriage to work. You cannot force your spouse to be intimate with you in any form.

Another potential sign of divorce is that you or your spouse changed goals for the marriage. For example, you were going to have children prior to getting married, but now plans have changed.

Has your marriage suffered of late? Have you tried everything possible to make things work with your spouse? Has counseling been attempted, but it failed? If so, you need to recognize that divorce is imminent and begin taking the proper steps to file.