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Would you take a divorce selfie before filing?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2017 | Divorce

It may go without saying, but broadcasting a soon-to-be ex’s dirty laundry on social media can be very harmful. Not only is it in bad taste, it can lead to a court taking action against you in court.

While divorcing couples will likely receive a great deal of advice about social media during their divorce, they likely have not heard of the divorcing couple who took the time to take a selfie before filing a joint divorce petition. According to a report, a Canadian couple took a picture of themselves right before going into the courthouse to file their petition and posted it on Facebook.

They followed the picture with a posting that was part celebration and part explanation, mixed in with a cathartic message about civilly dissolving a marriage so that former spouses can continue to be co-parents. The response they have received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Indeed, some people criticized them for apparently “celebrating” their divorce; ostensibly frustrated that they were celebrating the demise of their commitment to each other.  However, the couple explained that they were not celebrating the break-up of their marriage. Instead, they were celebrating their hard work and the accomplishment of getting to the point where they can deal with each other as adults, and that they have made a commitment to co-parent in the same fashion.

For those who are thinking of divorce and are afraid that it will be a long, arduous process, they can take solace in this example that couples can end their marriages on amicable terms.

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