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‘Sexual battery’ covers a wide range of actions in Ohio

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2016 | Sex Crimes

When does sexual conduct cross the line into being “sexual battery”? Well, here in Ohio, it can in a range of different situations.

Under state law, sexual battery is sexual conduct done under certain special circumstances. State law specifies around a dozen such circumstances. Many of these situations involve a person in a position of authority or trust (such as a coach, detention facility employee or public school teacher) having sexual conduct with an individual they had authority over. Others involve special circumstances regarding the individual the perpetrator had sexual conduct with, such as that person being substantially impaired, coerced or unaware that actions regarding sexual conduct were being taken towards them.

So, there are many different allegations that could result in a person facing sexual battery charges in the state. Here in Ohio, most sexual battery charges fall in the third-degree felony level. However, there are some sexual battery allegations that can push the charge up to a higher felony level. Among these are allegations that the victim of the alleged offense was under 13.

A jail sentence, fines and sex offender registration are among the punishments individuals convicted of sexual battery typically face. Massive reputation damage can also go with such a conviction. Also, when a person in a position of authority is accused of sexual battery, their ability to stay in that position could be put in great jeopardy.

So, when a person is accused of any action that is considered sexual battery under state law, their very future can be at stake. Given this, the steps a sexual battery suspect takes when it comes to their defense matter greatly. Skilled defense attorneys can provide suspects with knowledgeable guidance on such steps.

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