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Is Ohio spousal support limited to monthly payments?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2016 | Family Law

The payment form most people may think of in regards to spousal support is monthly payments. However, is this the only form spousal support can take?

It certainly isn’t here in Ohio. State law gives courts lots of options when it comes to what form spousal support can take.

For one, an Ohio spousal support award could take the form of a lump-sum payment rather than regular monthly payments.

Also, spousal support doesn’t even need to take the form of money here in Ohio. A court could instead order one spouse to give the other spousal support in the form of property. Both real estate and personal property can be granted as a spousal support award in the state.

In addition to having a lot of leeway when it comes to the form of support, Ohio courts also have a great deal of discretion in setting the overall amount of a spousal support award.

The main thing state courts are to focus on when it comes to decisions on what sort of spousal support award to grant when they have decided to make such an award is what would be reasonable and equitable. Under state law, there are numerous factors courts are to consider when making this determination.

So, as this discussion illustrates, spousal support awards can look very different from case to case here in Ohio. This makes it so there are all kinds of things it can be important to factor in when a divorcing person (whether they are requesting spousal support or their ex has requested spousal support) is deciding what approach to go with in spousal support proceedings. This includes what particular effects the different available forms of spousal support could have if they were the form ultimately decided on in an award. Experienced Ohio divorce attorneys understand the very case-by-case nature of alimony matters in the state and can assist individuals who are in Ohio spousal support proceedings with pinning down and having the right information on the significant issues in their particular case.