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Helping elderly veterans with benefits issues

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2015 | Veterans' Benefits

When a person is in their elderly years, they may be facing having a lower income due to no longer working. At this same time, they may also be facing new types of costs, such as nursing home costs and new medical costs. Thus, every possible stream of income can be an important one for an elderly individual. Consequently, it can be very important for elderly individuals to understand what sorts of benefits they may be able to qualify for given their particular circumstances.

For elderly individuals who served in our nation’s military, there are veterans benefits they may be able to have access to. For example, if an elderly veteran is suffering from a disability, they may be eligible to receive disability benefits from the VA.

The VA is a very complex institution and the rules and eligibility requirements associated with the VA disability program are detailed, numerous and complicated. This can sometimes make veterans disability benefits issues rather confusing and make filing for benefits seem like a very intimidating thing for an elderly veteran. Having good legal guidance can sometimes help these sometimes confusing and intimidating issues be a little more clear and approachable.

Our firm is committed to helping elderly veterans with VA disability benefits matters and other veterans benefits matters. We can help elderly veterans understand where they stand as far as eligibility goes for VA disability benefits and other benefits, assist them with dealings with the VA and help them with benefits applications they decide they want to file.